De Doble Filo (1998)

“In the video De Doble Filo, Clemencia Echeverri highlights the intensity of catastrophes brought about by human beings' destructive capacity, which is akin to the power of natural forces. However, the momentum of the devastation generated by human groups and individuals assumes increasing proportions and does not seem to follow cycles of alternating construction and destruction. The image of the woman that unceasingly draws house after house, knowing that those will be razed an equal number of times by a rust-colored torrent of water, suggests as well the destruction of the family’s web, of the nucleus of larger communities.” Carmen María Jaramillo Project, Curator. "Otras Miradas". 

DE DOBLE FILO, Mexico City, 2020. 

This idea had already been developed by the artist in Double-Edged where a woman’s hands draw a house on a muddy surface with the elemental strokes of a child’s sketch, until the moment when a rush of rusty water erases the house, leaving what is barely a drowned trace. Nonetheless, the woman obstinately returns to her drawing again and again, disregarding the fact that it will be unceasingly erased by that water which, more than a natural calamity, seems to emanate from the beat of death that drives the Colombian war.

In this piece the artist alludes to that imaginary of the Western tradition – and, clearly, to the Colombian one – which placed woman at the center of the house as the supporting stand for both family and society. While men conquered worlds, women – their feet firmly on the ground – engaged in the physical and mental construction of domestic spaces, bringing forth that architecture of shelter and refuge that Bachelard defined so well. Throughout displacements and banishments – radical upheavals of the logic of inhabitancy – inasmuch as men die, women alone assume the responsibility of reconstructing everyday life and the household in the space of exile. Those female hands, stubborn and elemental, perform a vital dance upon the darkness of death. Fragile, yet obstinate and mighty, they forcefully salvage the damaged functions of inhabiting those marshy and forbidden terrains that the conflict has spawned. The house has disappeared, its mental trace remains.

Sol Astrid Giraldo. 

DE DOBLE FILO, "Actos del Habla" exhibition, National University of Colombia, Bogotá, 2009.


Video and Sound Installation
A double-image screen at the center of space
8 min


—Art and violence. Museum of Modern Art of Bogotá. 1999.
—"Other looks." Itinerant exhibition. France, Venezuela, Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Chile, and Colombia. 2006.
Interregno. Mexico City. 2020. 




De Doble Filo

Photoserigraphy on stainless steel plate

6 edition

Dimensions: 1,50  X 16 cm




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