Border / Frontera (2011)

Production support:
Banco de la República, Manizales. 
Banco de la República, Medellín and MDE11 project.

"Clemencia starts a conversation between youngsters who belong to different social strata in the city of Medellín. All of them, one or two years away from graduating high school, take charge of the cameras and the dialogue to account for their differences and proximities, for the distances in spaces, in education, in perspectives. The work brings to the fore particular histories that speak of dreams, of good moments, of branding experiences. And at the same time, the concrete reality of what is happening in Medellín and in Colombia is made palpable, as it becomes manifest in those protagonists’ homes where social disparities are most acute and where the problem of security generates increasingly rigid border lines. What implications are to be found there?

In this forcible piece of work, within a span of just fifteen minutes, urban gestures appear that speak of a society shaped along invisible borderlines. As the young participants stepped over those borderlines, they met each other and opened their own windows. Moreover, by reason of being exposed to themselves and before the spectators, they provided material that will be useful in future studies that may generate inquiries on the reality of a society that is not in any way including." Beatriz Mesa Mejía, Journalist.

FRONTERA Medellín, 2011, MD11.

 FRONTERA. Workshop/Manizales


—“Kratkofil Plus Video Festival Baria Luka”. Bosnia, Herzegovina. 2012.

—Screen Video Festival. Barcelona. Arts Santa Mónica. 2012.

—MDE11. International Fine Arts Project. Medellín, Colombia. 2011. 

—Collective mobile video and sound act. Banco de la República, Manizales. 2006. 


Video and sound action

Creation Lab

Young adolescents from Medellín and Manizales

2 Video projections

13 minutes




General direction: Clemencia Echeverri
Workshop coordination: Diego león
Camera: The group of young participants
Camera assistants: Juan Cuadros and Victor Garcés 

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