Noctule / Nóctulo (2015)
Production support: NC-Arte, Bogotá

Is a multichannel video installation that explores the materialization, both visual and audible, of the imperceptible sounds that pervade a space in ruins: the ultrasonic sound of bats that travel through an abandoned house in the countryside, creating new and vital dynamics that operate as an echo of the forgotten voices that once inhabited the site. Sound is a central element in the work: noises and voices imperceptible to man begin to make themselves audible through the form. It is from this interest in exploring sounds that seem to constantly escape that the Nóctulo drawings emerge. They are not creations that come after the video installation, but explorations that accompany the formal quest to make perceptible all that has been forgotten.

NOCTULO, multichannel video, and sound installation. Duration: 14 min, NC-Arte, Bogotá. 2015. 

"Nóctulo (noctule) is a psychic space. A state of awareness where traumatic memories emerge; memories that have almost been erased but are still latent in a dark place: that distant place shown here in images and echo sounds, like ghosts that return to claim closure sealing the cycle of the unending search for a path towards light and life. The ultrasonic sounds produced by the noctule bat, now audible, serve as an allegory of other dimensions of living beings, and of other ways to perceive. The constant flutter of the colony of noctules in the background of the farm traces the footprint of the imperceptible work that carries with it the seeds of life (“multiple pores, black dots, small scars or grids” –paraphrasing Deleuze and Guattari), that support the process of healing and forgetfulness in that remote place, in a small farm in the abandoned country of our inhuman violence". María Belén Sáez de Ibarra, Curator.

NÓCTULO, "Notes". Interviews about the work. NC-arte Bogotá, 2015. (Realization: Victor Garcés). 

NÓCTULO, edition for four LED screens. 

There is thus in this cube-house a condensation of spaces and times: of spaces crossed by time, of times unfolded in space. There, the irruptive, violent, brutal, destructive and fleeting event of the acts of war and displacement, the slow time of daily resistance, laborious, persistent, and of the internal rhythms of the reconstruction, preservation, and latency of the bat is superimposed. 

Sol Astrid Giraldo.


Cube space into the space made with a black fabric screen. 7.00mx7.00m
4 retro projections video in synchrony
Sound: 2 quadraphonic system


—Liminal Retrospective, Miguel Urrutia Art Museum (MAMU), Bogotá. 2019.

—Multichannel video and sound installation. Photography and drawings. NC- Arte, Bogotá. 2015.

—Drawings. Conexão, Eduardo Fernandes Gallery Collective, Sao Paulo. 2015.

—The 5th. Wall. NC-art. Five-year review. 2015.


Nóctulo's drawings are scores, they respond to the ultrasonic sound of the bat. I made compositions to try to understand its structure and establish relationships between the echo path of the bat's sound and the voices of claim from our Colombian region.



Behind what we hear, perhaps we do not see or even know, there is a daily, slow and persistent work of the bat that generates ecological sustainability. He wanted to bring the bat through its own sound, its inaudibility; I wanted to make it matter, hear it and see it. To cross the place of the physical and the real, through the sound.









General direction: Clemencia Echeverri
Direction of photography: Camilo Echeverri
Video edition: Cacumen Films
Sound design: Juan Forero y Clemencia Echeverri 
Sound edition: Juan Forero
Production assistants: Victor Garcés and Juan Cuadros 

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