Quiasma (2004)

Artists group: Bárbara Santos, Clemencia Echeverri, Andrés Burbano and Santiago Ortiz.
Website of Bárbara Santos.
Website of Santiago Ortiz.

There is no trip, there is no landscape, the roadway, the drive, the return are suspended". Nowadays regions in Colombia feel saturated by an inhabitant who is unable to breathe. The country is in vigil, in a state of confinement, of limit and displacement. Communication media have become one of the few information instruments that cover most of the territory.  They orient from their actions and strategies to a captive, motionless, and confined public, generating an unbalance between the image of the media and the symbolic image, which is obstructed.

Quiasma is a project by three artists who, based on a series of trips through different zones of Colombia, start their own access map, where it was necessary to rethink our geography according to its very dissimilar characteristics and its atomized risk zones. The Quiasma project is initiated in view of the sensation and progressive condition of seclusion imposed by the Colombian conflict and its excessive mediatization. To propose oneself to go through a territory in tension has implied to understand the conflict more than that which is under a “shadow line” than as that which is exhibited by mass media. Beyond territorial limits or events, the conflict becomes evident on the surface of or day-to-day motivated by a complex relationship of additions and subtractions of our geographic, political, and social condition.


—Electronic Arts Festival, ISEA Helsinki, Stockholm, and Tallin in Estonia. 2004.

—Electronic Arts Festival, Banquet, Madrid. 2006.

—Ars Electronica. Germany. 2005.

—Artronic. Luis Angel Arango Library. Bogotá, 2006.
—Metal Residency. London. 2004.


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