VOZ/net, Actos del Habla, Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Bogotá.

Voice/Net (2008)

“Clemencia has separated the voices from the bodies that once uttered them. In this specific work by Voz, on-site installation at the National Museum of Colombia that in the past was not a penitentiary, fragments, phrases from conversations and monologues of Colombian prisoners in prisons in England and Colombia are collected. These voices no longer belong to anyone. They are devoid of their character of interviews, of testimonies, of confessions, of the opening of the "self" of the prisoners. In the spacious and solitary galleries of that museum duplicated as in a mirror by a projection at the back of the galleries themselves, these voices are dimly activated by the heat of the body of the visitors.

Voice / Net preserves the spectral condition of the voices. Voices that return, in a return as the echo travels, which is only a fragment, the last word, or the last phrase. Like the "Echo" the nymph condemned not to be able to speak but to repeat the ends of what she heard from the others. The computer and electronic links are in themselves a medium that spooks the relationship with the voices. Alienated from any entity, except the sound of the voice itself, they travel in that dark place that is located nowhere. These voices are like the "I" of psychoanalysis itself, which is a crypt enclosed in the folds of a crust ".

María Belén Saéz de Ibarra. 
Curadora, Actos del Habla. 
Catálogo. Museo de Arte, Universidad Nacional de Colombia

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