Frontera/Frontier (2011)

It is a video work in double screen of 13 minutes of duration, which expresses the encounter between a group of young teenagers from opposite socioeconomic strata to demonstrate through them the distances, encounters and differences.

The work is based on a laboratory-workshop or mobile action carried out for the first time in 2006 in the city of Manizales, Colombia. In Frontera/Medellín, the experience was replicated with 20 young students from two schools with opposite socioeconomic conditions: the public school Rodrigo Arenas Betancourt and the private school Colombo Canadiense. The young people are the filmmakers themselves, acting as interrogators and cameramen. The procedure was done through visits among themselves to tell the guest about aspects of daily life.

FRONTERA, Medellín. 2011, MD11.

The video is a peer-to-peer conversation that shows the familiarization with the language of violence from neighborhood life, street experience, forms of coexistence and tolerance, as well as the multiple urban and territorial interferences to which young people are subjected. This dialogue opens the space for the spectator to approach realities that are constantly changing. 

FRONTERA, workshop in Manizales.




— “Kratkofil Plus Video Festival Baria Luka”. Bosnia, Herzegovina. 2012.

— “Screen Video Festival”. Barcelona. Arts Santa Monica. 2012.

— MDE11. International Visual Arts Project. Medellín, Colombia. 2011.

Video and sound action

Peer creation laboratory
Young adolescents from Medellín and Manizales
2 videos confronted in space
Stereo sound

Production support:
Banco de la República, Manizales.
Banco de la República and MD11 project, Medellín.


General direction: Clemencia Echeverri
Work coordinator: Diego león
Cameramen: group of the young participants
Camera assistants: Juan Cuadros and Victor Garcés

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