Muta, 2006

Based on voice fragments from Shakespeare’s Hamlet.

“The box, located in the center of the theater, allows to dominate the entire interior of this neoclassical style construction, in which red and gold predominate; this perspective gave the viewer, in a forceful way, a sense of power and dominance. Then the sound piece was heard, which in a low tone began to unfold from the side boxes, until it concentrated in the center. The sound started with the voices of the audience, then came the applause and then a voice that said the famous phrase of Hamlet “to be or not to be”; then another voice said, “To be or not to be, that is the question”; again it was changed to Spanish, “Dormir, tal vez soñar” and then you could hear a metallic noise, the blow of the stiletto, the gasp of the actor, the voice of the mother, and again you could hear the applause”.

Marta Rodríguez, Art Critic.


The appointment is with the place, the sound, the action and the voice. By means of a computer and a sensor located in the presidential box of the Teatro Colón, the impulses sent by the visitor when opening the door are controlled and received.

Interactive sound installation

  • National Artists Salon
  • Colón Theater, Bogotá



General direction: Clemencia Echeverri
Sound and editing: Daniel Prieto and Clemencia Echeverri
Video editing: Boris Terán

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