Homage to John Cage
National University Art Gallery

A final note perhaps-a pause, a silence-the quiet beauty of Quietude, homage to John Cage (2012), in which people, people like us, stay seated and contemplate nothingness. A simple nothingness, full of the dignity of being rather than rage or pain or darkness. These people like us enjoy a moment of interiority, but in which inside and outside seem to lose the distinction before the pure presence of the here and now, the completely full and meaningless presence of life. We see a pause in which specificity is replaced by singularity, and inside and outside become the same thing, the infinite noise of the everyday becomes the same stillness.

This homage to John Cage evokes the calm of permanent movement, which asks us to listen to its chaotic silence. We get there sometimes when we sit in the sun and allow ourselves to dissolve in the endless details of this moment. It cannot be described because this “now” is a pure experience that surpasses all language.

Stephen Zepke, curator.


Tribute to Jhon Cage

– Three simultaneous video projections
– Sound 5.1
– Duration: 25 minutes
– Support to the project “This room is a Jhon Cage”.
– 2012



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