Interviews and conferences

Clemencia Echeverri: “art in time builds memory”
Naming the Unnamable by the Truth Commission (Comisión de la Verdad)
Conversations on art and truth
Translation: Marta María Mejía

Interview with María del Rosario Acosta
Network for Critical Studies of Latin America and the Caribbean
Decolonial conversations with Latin American thinkers

Voluntary Testimony on Lo que el arte no olvida (What art does not forget)
Trece Channel 

Clemencia Echeverri talks about her work and life
Banco de la República Cultural Network

Clemencia Echeverri on Razón Pública


LIMINAL Retrospective (1998-2019)
Conversation between curator Margarita Malagón, art critic Elkin Rubiano and Clemencia Echeverri.
Jorge Tadeo Lozano University

Interview with María del Rosario Acosta
Network for Critical Studies of Latin America and the Caribbean
Decolonial conversations with Latin American thinkers

Conversation with theorist Omar Rincón
Culture is antivirus. Radio station CKWEB of the District Institute of the Arts(IDARTES).                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

Retrospectiva liminal 

Conversations on the exhibition at the Miguel Urrutia Art Museum.
Banco de la República de Colombia, Bogota.

Becoming Liminal: notes on environmental aesthetics and post-human memory
By: Juan Diego Pérez, researcher.

What relation does art have with the elaboration of a mourning?
By: Gustavo Chirolla, philosopher

Between the unspeakable and the inaudible: the sound experience in the work of Clemencia Echeverri
By: Juan Carlos Arias, Ph.D. in Art History

Why Liminal?
Interview by Sigrid Castañeda with artist Clemencia Echeverri and retrospective curator María Margarita Malagón. 

Compilation of conversations and interviews



Clemencia Echeverri in Naming the Unnamable. Colombian Truth Commission.

Inauguration of the exhibition Voz a Voz. Museum of Modern Art of Bogota (MAMBO).

Conversation on the work Sin Cielo. National guest artist for the Barcú art fair.

The stories of the Luis Caballero Award. Episode 4: Exhausted can still fight. Santa Fe Gallery, Idartes.

Virtual lecture on the book Sensation Beyond Boundaries: essays on art and politics by critic Stephen Zepke. Conversations on the artists Clemencia Echeverri, Rosario López and Eulalia de Valdenebro. Javeriana University Publishing House.

Interview with Clemencia Echeverri and María Margarita Malagón about the exhibition Clemencia Echeverri – Liminal. Published by H-ART. Journal of art history, theory and criticism. No 6, 2020.

Interview on the exhibition Liminal by artist Clemencia Echeverri. H-ART Magazine, Universidad de los Andes.


Voluntary Testimony of the series ‘Lo que el arte no olvida’. Report Published by Canal Trece.

Clemencia Echeverri. Liminal. Conference by Sigrid Castañeda and María Margarita Malagón-Kurka. Published by Banco de la República.

The liminal in the work of Clemencia Echeverri. Conference by Ximena Gama and Jaime Cerón. Published by Banco de la República.

Inaugural lecture by Clemencia Echeverri on LIMINAL. IV National Meeting of Art Students. Published by the University of Tolima.

Cumbia, short films and video. Interview (min. 5:10 to 11:15). Fractal Program. Published by Canal Trece.

Resignifying violence: ‘Duelos’, by Clemencia Echeverri, and ‘Antibalas’, by Felipe Arturo. Published by Arcadia Magazine.

‘Duelos’ and ‘Antibalas’, the two winning works that intervene in FRAGMENTOS. News. Published by the Ministry of Culture.


‘Elegy’, an installation by Clemencia Echeverri on mourning for the disappeared. Brief interview. Published by Arcadia Magazine.


Clemencia Echeverri talks about her life and work. Interview Published by Banco de la República.

Clemencia Echeverri in the exhibition ‘La vuelta’. Interview Published by El Tiempo Televisión.

Thought in images and sounds: the film-essay. Conversatorio Published by Banco de la República.


Clemencia Echeverri, the plasticity of sound in video installation. Interview Published by Mavae video interviews.

Clemencia Echeverri. Artists for peace. Brief interview. Published by Plaza Capital.


About Clemencia Echeverri’s Nóctulo. Conference. María Belén Sáenz, Gustavo Chirolla and Clemencia Echeverri. Published by NC arte.

Noctule by Clemencia Echeverri in NC-arte. Reportage Published by NC arte.

Personal stories that tell the story. Parallels between two video artists. Lecture by Clemencia Echeverri. Published by Banco de la República.

Artist’s tribute: Clemencia Echeverri. Plastic and visual arts. Interview Published by Cultura en Bogotá.


Waterweavers: the river in Colombian visual and material culture. Interview with José Roca. Published by Bard Graduate Center.

Guest artist – Clemencia Echeverri. Published by Cultura en Bogotá and its production Seminario Las artes a la canasta familiar.

In the kaleidoscope of Clemencia Echeverri. Interview Published by Razón Pública.


Part I / Part II / Part III. Clemencia Echeverri in Razón Pública. Interview Published by Razón Pública.


Interview with Clemencia Echeverri. Book No Answer. Divulgación Cultural Universidad Nacional. By: José Ignacio Roca.


Interview to Clemencia Echeverri. Cal y Canto. Catalog. 2002. By: Piedad Bonnett.